Virtual Practice

Virtual Practice

The future of practice management, according to many blogs and experts, lies in the virtual realm. By eliminating a physical office and most in-person contact with clients, lawyers can, in theory at least, cut costs, offer unbundled services, and lower their fees. Practicing virtually also can make possible a flexible lifestyle – and it can be a selling point in itself.

But the American Bar Association’s annual technology survey reveals that the share of attorneys who describe their practice as virtual has leveled out at 7 percent. Some lawyers have found it presents significant challenges.

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  1. Harshey
    03/11/2015 at 19:29

    I went virtual with my family law appellate practice when we relocated from Michigan to Florida in 2002. I guess that makes me an eLawyering pioneer. Fortunately, at the time of my move, I had 20 plus years of on-the-ground practice experience in Michigan. Most appellate referrals come from trial counsel, and I was active in the local and state bar associations, so I had a lot of referral sources. The fact that I was working from FL on MI cases didn’t seem to bother anyone – except the FL Bar, who had to be convinced that despite my FL residence, I really was doing only MI cases for MI clients. Referring lawyers and their clients didn’t mind that their contact with me was by phone or email. I offered Skype video calls, but almost no one opted for them. It has been 13 years and it continues to work for me.

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