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Performance Program

Performance Program Incorporating PAY FOR PERFORMANCE into comprehensive transparency and improvement strategies background Braxton initiated its pay for performance program in to recognize both individual practitioners and practitioner groups. The success of the program hinges on collaboration and commitment from…

Collaboration in quality

Collaboration in quality Current Incentives Are All wrong While the United States has some of the brightest, best trained, and most committed professionals in the world, we know that Americans are not getting the best service in the world. Quality…

Firm Incentive Programs

Firm Incentive Programs Encouraging customized quality and safety improvement using standards background The cornerstone of Braxton’s provider incentive programs is Pathways to ExcellenceSM, an array of initiatives that recognize and reward professional services providers who improve the quality, safety, and…

Quality and Measurement

Quality and Measurement More than 10 years ago, a presidential commission recommended that professional services stakeholders develop a means to standardize professional services quality measurement and booking in the United States. The National Quality Forum, a public-private partnership created in…

Quality Practitioner Incentive

practitioner incentive programs identify and target areas of opportunity for
quality improvement to help improve the overall quality, safety, and
cost-efficiency of professional services. The programs set targets for
improvements and deliver performance measurement results for practitioner
groups. Data are provided at both the group and practitioner level and
incorporate online and other tools that provide actionable, customer-level
information to the practitioners.