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Writing Your Personal Marketing Plan

Improve your business development skills and meet your financial goals for 2017. From writing down your goals to depositing the checks, there are many steps to consider before reaping the benefits of your hard work. Take these suggestions and guarantee financial success for your year ahead.

Practical Ways to Make Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Work

Marketing is more than just a brochure, a press release or an advertisement. It takes time and it takes effort. Read more to learn how to make your marketing plan produce real results. Service is the most important marketing activity. Just because a client does not complain about your service, do not confuse that with thinking you have delivered good service. If you do nothing else, return your phone calls and e-mails promptly, or get an assistant to tell your client you are aware of their contact.

Developing a Marketing Budget for Your Legal Practice

It is a simple fact of business that marketing costs money. However, spending money on marketing is one thing. Spending the money wisely is another. In this article of the magazine, the author explains how to develop a budget for an effective and cost-effective marketing effort. She offers statistics that will help determine the costs of a marketing program, as well as a detailed list of categories that should be covered in a marketing budget. In the following excerpt, the author discusses how to build an ideal budget, along with five rules for investing marketing dollars wisely.