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Braxton Group pioneered the network-based (“virtual”) business advisory firm model in Europe and Latin America. Contracting independent advisors on a per-project basis keeps overheads lean so that Braxton Group’s fees are a fraction of the big firms’ rates. Their flexible, low-cost model has attracted top-notch individual and business clients, resulting in steady double-digit annual growth in the last decade.
The idea of a networked organisation is not new. Brokers and agents are commonplace. What marks out Braxton Group is that the process behind the network is where a great deal of the value lies. Indeed, in a business without almost its own professionals, this is one of the main heart of Braxton Group’s value-added.

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Flexible Firm

At the time when Braxton Group were growing,
many experienced consultants were
contemplating their next career
moves. At some point everyone
wanted to be partners, then they all
wanted to be entrepreneurs. The senior advisers wanted flexibility.
At an operational level, Braxton recognized an
opportunity. Large professional services firms
typically focused on big companies. For
their part, medium size businesses often wanted more attention from partners of professional firms and a continued support. Braxton Group offered a market-breaking alternative.

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The inspiration for the firm began when a number of lawyers, tax specialists, consultants and other professionals realised that some medium-size companies budget did not stretch to hiring one of the big name professional service firms – Jones Day, Baker & Mckinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group or McKinsey & Co.– but she still needed that calibre of support. Eden observed that many professionals were reassessing what they wanted from their work – and flexibility and control over their lives were key. Soon after, the team came up with the idea of creating a pool of experienced, independent advisers.

Years later, the firm has grown by more than 60 per cent per year. It

The Flexible Firm

Braxton Group: The Flexible Firm

How companies operate has been established over two
centuries. Is it possible for a firm to break the established
rules of organisation? Braxton Group did just that.

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