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Developing a Marketing Budget for Your Legal Practice

It is a simple fact of business that marketing costs money. However, spending money on marketing is one thing. Spending the money wisely is another. In this article of the magazine, the author explains how to develop a budget for an effective and cost-effective marketing effort. She offers statistics that will help determine the costs of a marketing program, as well as a detailed list of categories that should be covered in a marketing budget. In the following excerpt, the author discusses how to build an ideal budget, along with five rules for investing marketing dollars wisely.

Know the Basics Behind Budgeting your Marketing Endeavors

When finalizing your strategic marketing plan, there are some basic things to consider, such as budget, size of firm, audience and environment. Right from the start, awareness of your firm’s requirements and guidelines, in addition to some additional variances, will prove vital to ultimate success. Use these basic budgeting guidelines for your future marketing endeavors.