Content Marketing

Content Marketing with Legal Magazine

Legal Magazine creates content that works. Our content in Legal Magazine is designed to engage customers and new audiences efficiently and effectively.

Wether a legal practitioner or a law firm, your brand is important for Legal Matgazine. We study your customer research and sales goals. Marketing objectives and brand guidelines. Your existing brand assets and your content library. The competitive landscape and market forecasts. Your voice. Your tone. Your strategy.

Legal Magazine works with you to develop critical metrics and goals, providing key performance indicators and trying to measure success. Later, Legal Magazine help you to create content to achieve these objectives. It works.

Around these goals (and your budget) we establish workflows so Legal Magazine can make the creation of content as turn-key as you’d like.

Content evolves. Our content is continually optimized, fine-tuned and enhanced. Through research and analytics we track and understand how your content is performing. With those insights we benchmark our content against the goals and optimize it for even better results.

With every program we deliver reports on performance, analytics insights and, with the resources of Rodale’s unique research library service, we supply our clients with industry analyses as well as best-practices guidelines and marketplace analysis.

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