One word caused a 119% increase in click-throughs

One word caused a 119% increase in click-throughs

So we’re excited to be sharing our new design at AttorneyFee but something else pretty interesting just happened. We made what we thought was a minor change.

The results were huge.

We added 1 single word and it caused a statistically significant increase of 119% to click-throughs.

The copy was performing at 25.98%, and that one word made it jump immediately to 61.57% (with 99% confidence).

What was this one magic word?


Yes, that’s it. Immediately following a call to action, we added a simple word of gratitude.

Lesson Learned

Is this a magic bullet that’s going to cure crappy copy? No, of course it isn’t. Does this work in all scenarios? Not likely. For this message and this call to action, a little gratitude mattered a lot.

It serves as a reminder that brands should always treat customers/visitors/users (read: people) with respect. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “part of why you love your parents is because they loved you first–brands need to do that.”

A snappy call to action can be great, but actually caring and a touch of gratitude might just help that person want to read/click/buy.

Whether you’re selling a product, giving something away for free, talking to your grandma, or building a brand, a little can go a long way. Show people that you care and maybe they will too.

Thanks! (for reading)