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Legal Magazine provides lawyers and law firms with direct access to thousands of readers, including prospect clients (like inhouse counsel and CFOs) and collegues.

Professionala and law firms are increasingly coming to understand that their own ‘knowledge base’ is one of their most marketable assets. By making their knowledge as widely available as possible they raise their profile amongst potential and existing clients and have the opportunity to showcase their expertise. It is the lawyer or legal firms’ support for Mondaq which allows us to offer the information free to our users.

For practices whising to reach the channels where prospect clients are searchinf for solutions

Every day business decision makers are influenced by your practice ’s reputation: who they approach to quote for work, how they choose between firms in the same price range, right down to whether they query an invoice on a matter.

Surveys have shown that over half the business respondents said that written articles influenced their choice of which advisors they work with. Our article submission ssolution can help you to multiply your traffic and sales, boost your reputation, credibility, and name recognition.

Via Legal Magazine, your alerts appear in the respected proprietary channels prospects search in, with many of the top online channels covered by our current syndication network. Channels like (2009 figures from Compete.com unless otherwise shown):

  • Google. Most frequently used global search engine. Legal Magazine also partners with Google News and focuses heavily on search engine optimisation.
  • Yahoo. With over 5 million paying users.
  • Factiva. It is used by 82% of Fortune 500 companies & has over 1.6m paying corporate subscribers.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • Linkedin
  • Xing
  • Legal Magazine also partners with other News sites.
  • We even partner with syndicators like ourselves in the broader business publishing market who in turn deliver your articles onto hundreds of smaller sites.


The author’s full name, background, firm and contact email address (or web site address) will appear alongside the article wherever it is published.

  • A well written and reader focused article can bring good traffic on your website, provide one way backlinks from quality article sites and help the site to get higher search engine rankings.
  • Legal Magazine’s Distribution Service simply leverages the investment you’re already making by giving you much more audience, and better targeted readership through our feeds to corporate subscription-only services and other channels.
  • Constant authoritative presence for your practice on reputable information channels used daily by prospect clients worldwide.
  • Maximizing the benefits of information you already produce.
  • Traffic directed to your firm’s website, through email address via Legal Magazine.

What type of articles are we looking for?

Articles about issues that face every type of lawyer in today’s practice arena. Solos, managing partners, or starting associates. We want stories from the legal trenches. The topics that are burning a hole through your desk. We are looking for articles that will educate readers about issues that they can use today, tomorrow, or even next week. We are looking for big picture articles as well as specific topics. Checklists and how-to articles are great content for Legal Magazine.

We also welcome original articles of a legal nature. For example, we accept commentaries (and criticism) on legislation, case notes and general interest articles. They should ideally be of interest to a broad spectrum of readers

We are always looking for new contributors to Legal Magazine. Articles may come in the form of one-time contributions or possibly an opportunity for a regular column on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We prefer writers who are passionate about their practice area. Writers who want to educate others so they don’t have to re-create the wheel or fall down the same path you did.


No cost, free. As an author, you obtain:

  • Submission in Legal Magazine and other top notch Artice sites of our network
  • Increase Real traffic
  • Drag potential readers to your website
  • Description of your practice

Length of articles

In general, an article in an issue of Legal Magazine is about 700-3.000 words long. This does not mean, however, that we will reject longer articles: articles longer than 3.000 words will (most of the time) be divided up into two or more parts and posted as successive articles of Legal Magazine.

When we pay for the Article

We may pay for very long and researched articles. In those cases, as we pay for all articles, any published article would become the copyrighted property of Legal Magazine. Henceforth, it can be quoted for reviews or reference but cannot be published or copied in any form without the written consent of Legal Magazine. Naturally, if you later decide to write a book in print and wish to base it on some or all of the work you have done for Legal Magazine we will happily support you–all we would ask is that you mention where the original article was published.

Payment is made on appearance of the article and will be based on the length of the final, not the submitted, text. In an article with two or more parts the time of payment will be divided up accordingly, i.e., payment will be made on appearance of the parts of the article.

Submission and editing of articles

Once a topic for an article has been approved by the Legal Magazine staff, the future author will be contacted. Legal Magazine planning for future articles depends on timely submission of other articles.

Note: Legal Magazine reserves the right to decide when an article that has been accepted and gone through the editing process will appear on the Web.

What does the Legal Magazine require?

Please ensure that you provide us with the following:

The article’s title
A short descriptive summary
The article itself
The author’s first and last names
The author’s firm or solo practice name
The author’s contact email address or web site address

Where possible we would appreciate it if you could indicate which topic (or topics) and keywords the article should be referenced under.

Fluent English

English is the language of submission. No other language is acceptable as Legal Magazine has no facilities for translating articles. We request that non-native English speakers have their articles looked at and given a critical evaluation — and corrected as needed — by a native speaker; or, if this is not possible, then by someone fluent in English (not by someone who is simply “good” in English).

Note: Articles are not to be translated using electronic translation programs, unless they are subsequently edited in detail by a native speaker or a fluent speaker of English.

Legal Magazine reserves the right to return to an author for linguistic editing any article which has been accepted based on the author’s synopsis when the Editor finds that editing would require extensive rewriting.


The Editor will perform basic linguistic (and stylistic) editing. His editing function also includes making changes where they enhance the readability and coherence of an article. This will not be done in an arbitrary manner but with an eye to making the author’s meaning as clear as possible. As the Editor is not a Legal Magazine developer he will first draw on the resources of Legal Magazine and then will contact the author for clarification of any questions he might have and discussion of his recommended changes.

Once the Editor has analyzed and made changes in a text (except where the changes are trivial, for example spelling or basic mistakes in grammar) and when any significant changes and the Editor’s questions have been discussed with the author, he will send an edited version back to the author for his/her final approval and any final comments.

Once the author-approved text is returned to the Editor, a final Word version will be prepared and then sent to the Legal Magazine art director for HTML/DTML layout. Legal Magazine will advise the author when his/her article is scheduled to appear.

Article Publication

The texts, e.g., Articles, Legal or Book Reviews, Letters to the Editor, etc. are not all published at one time, but over the course of the quarter. Authors will be informed of the Issue their article is to be published in.

Note: Legal Magazine reserves the right to reschedule accepted articles, for example when a topic focus has been selected for a given issue. Each issue, whenever possible, will contain several articles on the same subject. The Editor intends to keep such rescheduling to a minimum, but requests our contributors’ forbearance in this respect.