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At Legal Magazine, we have made it our mission to offer you an exhaustive list of researched and informative articles on a variety of topical legal issues for lawyers and their clients.

Legal Magazine portfolio offers advertisers an unrivalled opportunity to make critical business connections across an online platform.

Legal Magazine is dedicated exclusively to lawyers and their clients in major international jurisdictions. With a talented team of journalists and researches of the legal marketplace, Legal Magazine offers your business a powerful environment to communicate its message.
Creating unique programmes and networking opportunities, our team provide sponsors with an unparalleled showcase to build their brand and connect with lawyers.

Busy lawyers do not have dozens of extra hours to conduct research looking for new tips and ideas to streamline and enhance their practice of law. They need “just-in-time” learning to acquire the knowledge necessary to build their practices. This convenient online magazine is the “best ever” collection of practical tips, ideas, and techniques to help you survive, thrive, and find success in the practice of law.
The site is an indispensable resource for the profession and their clients.

Our editorial board has gathered the information that you need from around the legal world and compiled it into one easily accessible location. Legal Magazine has convenient, reliable information, written in plain English and presented on a site that is easy to navigate.

Legal Magazine Intelligence
Drawing on the expertise of our research & analysis teams, Legal Magazine Intelligence publishes off-the-shelf market reports as well as delivering bespoke consulting solutions. From strategy to competitive intelligence, performance benchmarking to product development, Legal Magazine Intelligence helps law firms improve the quality of their decision-making.

The Team

Salvador Trinxet Llorca
Managing Director, Editor

Veronica Weyne
Head of Legal

Francisco Roca

Maria Fernandez
News & Features Editor

Richard Tones
Marketing Manager