Federal Cases by Circuit

Federal Cases by Circuit Courts About the Circuit Courts Circuit Court Full entry: Circuit CourtIn many states, it is the term used for the principal trial court. In the federal system, it is the name for the appellate courts. The federal courts of appeals sit permanently in 13 appellate circuits (11 regional circuits as well as a DC Circuit and the Federal Circuit). For an international outlook, see the entries about Circuit Courts in the English legal system and the Circuit judge in the UK. Circuit Court Of Appeals Act Full Entry: The Circuit Court of Appeals Act (Mar. 3, 1891, Chapter 517, 26 States Statutes at Large 826). See also the Evarts Act (Circuit Courts of Appeals) U.S. Supreme and Federal Circuit Main Entry: U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts US Court of Appeals Cases US Court of Appeals Cases 1st Circuit Cases 2nd Circuit Cases 3rd Circuit Cases 4th Circuit Cases 5th Circuit Cases   6th Circuit Cases 7th Circuit Cases 8th Circuit Cases 9th Circuit Cases 10th Circuit Cases 11th Circuit Cases DC Circuit Cases Federal Circuit Cases US Federal District Court Cases US Federal District Court Cases Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware […]

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