Easy Ideas to Woo Your Legal Practice Target Audience Online

10 Easy Ideas to Woo Your Legal Practice Target Audience Online

You’ve got a Web site. You’ve even got some traffic (hey, even a little traffic is some!) Now comes the clincher for any business. To make money, you need to create a relationship with your online visitors. How can you do this? Well, you can’t grab their hands and make them dial your number or e-mail you. But, you can do specific things that may help them decide to click on it themselves. In my line of work as a marketing coach to attorneys, I’ve seen many attorneys who consistently let visitors click off to Web wonderland rather than convincing guests to buy their wares. These businesses may have services that are just as good as or possibly even better than their competitors, but they’re missing some key information about how to convert page views into clients.

Relationship-Building: The Missing Link to Online Money-Making

To understand how your visitor’s online experience can lead them down the buying path, first “become” your visitor. What convinces you to buy things from other Web sites? Being human, most of us are more eager to buy from companies or people whom we feel we like, know and trust. An online customer can’t look you in the eye, shake your hand and think, “Hey, I like, know and trust this person!” The good news is that by taking shrewd advantage of the multimedia nature of the internet and the power of good writing, you can give your visitors the experience of having a positive, personal relationship with you. Below are 10 tips for boosting your personal relationship with customers to help them feel an intimate connection that makes them more likely to buy from you.

10 Relationship-Building Tips

  1. Show –Post photos of your employees and your workplace. This helps visitors feel more like they know you.
  2. Tell –Add audio clips of you speaking about your products or services. Many of us learn with our ears as well as our eyes — don’t miss out on this additional way to connect. Make sure you relate to their problem and share benefits instead of listing product features.
  3. Educate –We all like learning new things. Help clients like you more by providing them with useful articles instead of trying to sell them something.
  4. Share –Showcase your generosity by providing visitors with other people’s articles and links to pertinent Web sites.
  5. Care –Ask for feedback and comments. This helps clients know that you’re in the business of serving them and that you take their opinions seriously.
  6. Clarify –Define any confusing industry terms in your copy. Let them know exactly what action you want them to take. People respond better to clear instructions. When people feel comfortable with their online experience, they’re more willing to purchase.
  7. Be an Expert –Don’t let people choose between you and your competitors. Let them know that you’re the only one who can help them. Write articles, create presentations, and demonstrate your expertise.
  8. Be Genuine –When writing Web site copy, direct your message to one person who represents your target audience. Speak to him or her from the heart. Personalize your marketing e-mails by using people’s first names and other personal information.
  9. Relate –Convince your target audience that you know and understand their problems by sharing stories and specific examples.
  10. Stay in Touch –Don’t let prospective clients slip away. Make every effort to get them to give you their first name and e-mail address by offering them a free ebook or report. Stay in touch with prospective clients by sending them a regular e-newsletter with useful tips and friendly updates about your company.

Your Homework

As a marketing coach, I can’t leave you without assigning some homework to help you rev-up your site up to its full relationship-building potential.

Go to your Web site now and take a good look at it. Do it now. I’ll wait.

Now ask yourself, “If I were a new visitor to this site, would I feel that I ‘know, like, and trust’ this business?” What could be added or changed to make my experience with this business feel more personal and inviting? (Hint: re-read my 10 Relationship-Building Tips above).

Write down what you, as a prospective client, would like to see that could help you make a decision to purchase your Web site’s products. When I say write, I mean write. Get out a piece of paper and pen and jot down your ideas.

Now make a commitment to implement these ideas on your site.

Presto, you’ve just increased your potential visitor-to-buyer conversion rate. And you’ve done it without paying a penny in advertising or pay-per-click fees.

It just goes to show that a personal touch still goes a long way, even across the wires. [1]


1. By Jen Blackert