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Digital Legal Deposit (E-Deposit)

The Digital Legal Deposit (E-Deposit) legal regime regulate the legal deposit of collection of digital material.

The Nederlands

The Royal Library of The Nederland started early “with e-deposit based on agreements with publishers and begun its web archiving program only several years later”.


The legislation governing digital legal deposit in France is based on the “Code du Patrimoine”, incorporating Legal Deposit Law (1992) and DADVSI (2006).

The French National Library (Bibliothèque nationale de France or BnF) has “concentrated its resources in digital legal deposit on web archiving, principally for economic and practical reasons: large amounts of publicly available online material that would otherwise have been lost for ever have been collected using automatic web harvesting. As early as 2004 (when BnF launched its first experimental domain crawl, in partnership with the Internet Archive), the Library felt it was urgent to start collecting at scale as the web changes extremely fast and lots of data of heritage value
disappears everyday. However some material has remained difficult or impossible to collect
by these means, either because the material is not online, or because technical or commercial
barriers limit access.”(1)

International Collaboration

“Many initiatives are already in place, particularly in the context of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)…. these can concern new technologies to improve the quality of web harvesting; already, both Heritrix and NetarchiveSuite (initially developed by one institution, Internet Archive and, respectively), or other popular software such as the Web Curator Tool
(jointly maintained by the British Library and the National Library of New Zealand), are open-source tools which are developed by the international community.”(2)


Notes and References

  1. The state of e-legal deposit in France: looking back at five years of putting new legislation into practice and envisioning the future, Peter Stirling and Gildas Illien
  2. Idem

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