College Major

College Major

As an incoming freshman, we enter young, bright, and full of vigor for the endless opportunities that await. Some anticipate their success as future doctors, others see themselves as successful entrepreneurs and venture down avenues of majors like economics or marketing. There are also those who enter the realms of social sciences, eager to take on the world from dynamic new perspectives.

Where do students come up with the decision to pursue a particular major?

It’s a pretty hefty choice, and it seems important to decide on something that not only makes money (c’mon, there’s always that bottom line somewhere in the back of most people’s minds), but most importantly, makes us happy in the long run. Why? Because success ultimately derives its truest form of motivation out of passion – one of the only forces that can keep us going indefinitely on any given task.

Finding that passion can be a task in itself for many students, and even for those of us in the working world. While picking a major is a personal and individual process unique to each person, a general rule of thumb includes speaking with experts in any given field being considered. Try to acquire an internship if possible and see if the roles and duties assigned are actually a good fit in a practical sense. Sometimes things can seem exciting in theory, but turn out to be much different in reality. Many students also have a sense of responsibility to living up to parental expectations; not a bad thing, but also advice to take in stride with one’s own personal desires. After all, your major is just that – yours – so it ultimately should be something that not only brings you success in your eventual career, but also a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

What factors do you think are important when selecting a major in college? How much of an influence should parents, friends or colleagues have in your decision? How does education technology come into play when researching or learning about the vast array of career paths out there?