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Recruitment through your Site

Recruitment through your Site Legal websites, as we all know are the websites on the World Wide Web exclusively related to legal issues and problems, all kinds of legal help can be found on the legal websites. There are thousands…

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance for Lawyers If you are dominated by work from the moment you arise until the moment you turn off the lights at night, you are not alone. Years of narrow focus, hard work, pressure, and endless striving for…

The Born of a Firm

In crisis time, the steep drop in business has been particularly hard on professional (specially law) firms because of their structure. A typical law firm, for example, is owned by its partners, who are supported by the work of many associates. Law firms refer to the ratio of partners to associates as “leverage.” In good times, the arrangement produces strong profits, but when revenues fall, highly leveraged firms can find it particularly difficult to sustain all those associates. As a result, if revenues at a law firm decline 10%, profits can fall 25%. Professional firms (and specilly consulting firms due to their nature) are very sensitive to downturns. Because the partners have to break even every year, they have to do immediate cost-cutting to make sure they adapt their overhead and expenses. Braxton Group provides a different business model.