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Easy Ideas to Woo Your Legal Practice Target Audience Online

This article offers 10 tips for boosting your personal relationship with online visitors and transforming that connection into a successful business relationship. The goal is to increas your potential visitor-to-buyer conversion rate. And to do it without paying a penny in advertising or pay-per-click fees.

How to Create an Accurate Perception of Your Law Firm

Establish the face of your new practice right from the start. Before others create an inaccurate perception of you, proactively communicate your identity with the proper resources. This is a direct investment in the future of your business, so start now by following these tips for success.

Market your Practice Effectively

Market your Practice Effectively Terrie S. Wheeler is founder and president of, a Minneapolis-based affinity partner of the State Bar of California that offers an online marketing tool. Tips on how to effectively market your practice. Keeping clients happy…

Online Marketing Solutions

Online Marketing Solutions Online Marketing Solutions for Small Legal Firms By Celia McGuinness. She is managing attorney at the Law Office of Paul Rein, a small firm practicing disability rights law in Oakland. Lacking a marketing staff or budget, small…