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Buzz Creation

Think about the last movie you saw or the last time you ate at a new restaurant. How about the most recent books you’ve read? What influenced your decision to try something new? Most likely it was through word of mouth. If you want to grow your business it’s time to make this a part of your marketing mix.

Wake Up Your Law Firm Referral Program

What do you do when a lawyer or firm to whom you have sent referrals fails to reciprocate? If this scenario sounds familiar, read more how on to make the most of potential sources of referrals. To get the most out of your referrals, thd author said, you should keep a list of the lawyers and firms sent work and to whom you’d like to send work.

Make it Easy for Them to Remember Your Name

Developing new business is always a challenge. Bob Weiss advises that a simple gesture may make the difference between a forgotten exchange and the beginning of a successful relationship.