Branding Legal Services: Great Internet Resources on Branding

Branding Legal Services: Great Internet Resources on Branding


The author’s survival-of-the-fittest list of links related to branding your practice.


Brands have long been associated with products, but today both people and services have become the subjects of branding efforts. Management consulting guru Tom Peters titled one of his most memorable articles The Brand is You. Law firm and lawyer branding are now some of the hottest topics in legal marketing and for good reason.
Think of the three or four largest law firms in the U.S. Now think about Gerry Spence, Johnnie Cochran, Greta Van Susteren, and Alan Dershowitz. Who has created a brand name?

Harry Beckwith has said, In the publics eye, a brand is a warranty. It is a promise that the service carrying the brand will live up to its name, and perform. Beckwiths book, Selling the Invisible, is a great starting point for thinking about branding for legal services. Here are some more links to great resources for further study:

The Brand Channel
Brand Channel is a portal site on the Internet to resources on branding. A very good starting point.

The Manager.orgs Branding Directory
Great set of links to articles and other resources on branding.

Branding Your Law Firm
Still valuable 1999 white paper by Greenfield Belser, Ltd. on law firm branding.

The Law Marketing Portal Larry Bodines excellent site on legal marketing is a great place to find articles on branding and other legal marketing topics.

Altman Weils Marketing Library
A collection of very good articles on legal marketing, including great articles on branding by Jim Wilber and Charles Maddock.

The Internet Roundtable on Branding, Part 1
Part 2
The Internet Roundtable is a column on Internet marketing for lawyers written by Jerry Lawson, Brenda Howard and me. In our two-part column on branding, we cover the branding of law firms in the Internet context in great detail. There are some very interesting ideas in these articles and part1 has a good bibliography of branding resources.

Getting Found: The Dual Requirements of Law Firm Branding and Positioning
Richard Levicks and Mike O’Horos articles present a great practical discussion of law firm branding.

Branding with Specificity
Fascinating roundtable discussion of law firm branding that features the comments of ten law firm marketing offices and consultants.

eLawyerblog – Legal Internet guru Jerry Lawson has created a multi-author blog focused on elawyering and a variety of other new approaches to the practice of law. Jerry has put together a stellar group of guest authors and this blog is a place to watch on a variety of topics, including the branding of legal services. Tom Peters is one of the best known experts on innovation. He writes and speaks about innovation in the professional services industry on a regular basis. His site, including a newsletter, gives you a way to access his materials and current thinking on branding and many other topics. This fascinating site is an effort to measure the strength and attractiveness of famous and best-loved brand names and marks.

Are law firm brands real? A lot of very smart people sure think that they are. These resources will help you think about and implement your branding efforts.



  1. Dennis Kennedy is a computer lawyer and consultant based in St. Louis, Missouri. He speaks and writes frequently on legal, technology and Internet topics and was named the 2001 TechnoLawyer of the Year by

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