Awards Nominations

Awards Nominations

Legal Magazine Lawyers of the Year Awards

The annual Legal Magazine Lawyers of the Year Awards recognize lawyers licensed worldwide for achievements with a significant impact on public policy, the law, the profession, or a particular practice area. The lawyer must be an active member of the State Bar when the work was done. Note: The Legal Magazine Awards are not lifetime achievement awards.

Winners will be announced in the March 2016 issue of Legal Magazine.

Please be prepared to select a category for the nomination. For team awards, please list a single lawyer as the lead on the project or case (to aid our record keeping). You will also provide your name and contact information; your nominee’s organization, city, and contact information; and a description no longer than 300 words of the achievement (and the lawyer’s contribution, if possible). There are separate boxes for you to enter links to key supporting information and names of attorneys to contact for background; names of additional lawyers on the team who made pivotal contributions; and any additional notes. You may submit more than one nomination.

We recommend that you prepare this information in a separate document and copy it into the form. Once you click “submit,” you should receive a completed copy of the form by email.

If you have questions or run into technical difficulties, please contact Legal Magazine.

Thank you for your submission!

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