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Successfully Marketing a Solo Practice

Build your practice with a marketing plan focused on client development and retention. In this article, you will learn the key successes and marketing tools to formulate this plan, in addition to an accounts receivable criteria – all bringing you closer to future success in your firm.

Easy Ideas to Woo Your Legal Practice Target Audience Online

This article offers 10 tips for boosting your personal relationship with online visitors and transforming that connection into a successful business relationship. The goal is to increas your potential visitor-to-buyer conversion rate. And to do it without paying a penny in advertising or pay-per-click fees.

The Truths of Advertising Your Law Firm in a Membership Directory

The Web has changed how we look up information. With a few taps on the keys and a click of the mouse, it is easier than ever to find a phone number and address. As a result, the value of advertising in a membership directory has changed. And according to the author of this article, so should your opinion.

How Content Marketing Helps Boost Productivity in Law Firms

How Content Marketing Helps Boost Productivity in Law Firms There are two main ways that law firm productivity is increased through content management. The first is by creating the best practices that can be applied throughout a law firm, and…

Why Law Firm Public Relations Fails

Why Law Firm Public Relations Fails The old adage of the more things change, the more they remain the same still holds some truth. Public perceptions still have a strong hold in society. Visibility and credibility still go a long…